The Mai-Kai re-releases signature rum from The Real McCoy, plus new glassware and spirits menu

The Mai-Kai re-releases signature rum from The Real McCoy, plus new glassware and spirits menu

Updated Aug. 13

In honor of National Rum Month, The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale has released a new batch of its first-ever signature rum for guests to enjoy in the restaurant or take home in limited-edition bottles. The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend can be paired with new branded glasses also available for purchase.

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* New sipping rum menu introduced
* Cocktail menu reduced, experience remains
Bonus recipes: The Real McCoy Shark Bite and Special Reserve Daiquiri
Previous coverage: More on Bailey Pryor, The Real McCoy and the new Mai-Kai rum

The second batch of The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend is now available along with new signature glassware
The second batch of The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend is now available along with new signature glassware. (Photo Credit: © Mai-Kai)

The initial batch of the 92-proof rum, aged and blended by Richard Seale at Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, was quickly snapped up during the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic in April. But the closing of the historic restaurant for two months forced the release party and seminar by The Real McCoy’s founder to be canceled. That presentation will now be held virtually, and everyone who buys a bottle of the rum is invited.

Thursday, Aug. 13: Rum Runners of the Prohibition Era Virtual Seminar featuring Bailey Pryor of The Real McCoy Rum and hosted by The Mai-Kai. From 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. The Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker and founder of The Real McCoy Rum will discuss the history of rums during Prohibition along with the creation of The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend. Guests can ask questions at the end of the presentation. [Facebook event]

An invitation to the Zoom event will be sent to anyone buying a bottle of the newly released Batch 131. It’s available at the restaurant for $64.20 (including tax). To order and arrange for pick-up, call marketing director Pia Dahlquist at (954) 646-8975 or email Unfortunately, you must pick up the rum in person. Shipping is not available. Those who bought a bottle of Batch 130 in April can also reach out to Pia to attend the event, which will include tastings of the rum.

The limited-edition glassware can be purchased along with the rum. The square shot glass ($10.70, including tax) and double old-fashioned rocks glass ($13.85) are both etched with The Mai-Kai logo and artwork. After picking up the new rum and glasses and enjoying the seminar, guests are invited to The Mai-Kai for National Rum Day on Aug. 16. A updated rum menu is now available featuring 49 different choices from The Mai-Kai’s “cellar,” including The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend. Scroll down for more on the new rum choices.

Bailey Pryor won five Emmy Awards for his documentary The Real McCoy in 2012. His research inspired him to launch The Real McCoy Rum in 2013
Bailey Pryor won five Emmy Awards for his documentary The Real McCoy in 2012. His research inspired him to launch The Real McCoy Rum in 2013.

The Mai-Kai’s first branded rum is touted on the menu as a “single-blended Barbados rum, exceptionally smooth with unmistakable notes of toasted pecan, vanilla and wood spice, with a long, elegant finish.” It’s The Real McCoy’s latest partnership with an acclaimed Tiki bar after working with Smuggler’s Cove in San Francisco on a similar 92-proof, 12-year-old rum in 2017.

But The Mai-Kai blend, created by Pryor and Foursquare master distiller and blender Seale, is a bit different than that rum as well as The Real McCoy’s flagship 12-year-old rum. The label, launched by Pryor in 2013 after his documentary on pioneering rum-runner Bill McCoy, also features 3-year-old and 5-year-old rums, all from Foursquare..

The Mai-Kai rum is a blend of rums from copper column and pot stills, aged in heavily charred American oak Bourbon barrels. As noted in our May blog post, it was produced at a higher proof than The Real McCoy’s 12-year-old single blended rum (92 vs. 80) and has more pot still rum in the blend. This “heavier” blend is a better fit with flavor profile of the rums used in The Mai-Kai’s signature cocktails, typically higher proof rums from Jamaica and Guyana.

But don’t expect The Mai-Kai blend to be used frequently in cocktails. It’s designed (and priced) as a “super premium” rum like its predecessors and presented that way on The Mai-Kai’s new menu (see below). But it would not be out of line to feature it in a Daiquiri or other simple and elegant cocktail that showcases the rum. We’ve featured a few of these below as well.

The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend
Previous coverage: The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend introduced
News and background on the April release, plus tasting notes.


Lacking a bottle of The Real McCoy’s standard 12-year-old rum to compare – as our friends at The Rum Traveler blog did [see video] – I took a different approach. My mind jumped immediately to another 12-year-old rum that is highly regarded as both a sipping and mixing rum, a longtime favorite at The Mai-Kai that appears in several highly-regarded cocktails.

The first batch of The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend was released in April but quickly sold out
The first batch of The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend was released in April but quickly sold out. (Photo Credit: © Mai-Kai)

Essentially, I wanted to know how The Real McCoy 12-year-old Distillers Proof Mai-Kai Blend held up, both neat and in cocktails, against Appleton Estate 12-year-old Rare Blend (soon to be known as Reserve Casks) rum from Jamaica. Both come from well-respected distilleries and acclaimed master blenders in the English-speaking Caribbean’s two islands with the richest history of rum production.

There are distinct differences when you compare Barbados and Jamaican rums more broadly, but these two particular premium rums are closer than you might think. At 86 proof, the masterfully blended juice in the Appleton Estate flagship product is also aged in American oak Bourbon barrels and is a combination of column and pot still rums. After extensive tastings, I have no problem declaring it a virtual tie in my own informal rum ratings (3.7 out of 5). They’re easily distinguishable from each other, but both display the unmistakable characteristics of 12-year-old blended rums made with care and precision.

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Daiquiris of Hope: Keeping the spirit of our favorite bars and bartenders alive

Updated July 30

The world’s hospitality community is experiencing an unprecedented shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, with ramifications still undefined and the “new normal” still open to debate. As our favorite bars agonize over layoffs, and the lucky ones eke out a living via takeout and delivery, many of us have tried to help the best we can.

Daiquiris of Hope

The Atomic Grog compiled a list of links to buy merchandise, donate to crowd-sourced fundraisers, and learn more about efforts to assist Tiki bars in need. This blog post focuses on the Tiki revival and adjacent rum bars, but we don’t want to forget all the others in the bar industry that also need assistance sooner rather than later. All deserve our support.

But we also need to blow off some steam and relax. In these days of social distancing (we prefer the term physical distancing) and stay-at-home orders, many are cranking up their home bars to 11, posting photos and recipes, hosting virtual happy hours, and more. While all of these are worthy pursuits, I’m focusing my efforts here on the bars and bartenders I most admire.

Rather than just repost their recipes, I thought it might be appropriate to pay tribute with something new … but also something old and comforting. So belly up to the home bar for Daiquiris of Hope (#daiquirisofhope), an attempt to put a small but loving spotlight on those influential establishments that are unfortunately dealing with a potential business disaster. Of course, this comes on top of all the personal toll the virus is taking.

But let’s focus on the positive: Those memorable and distinctive flavors that stay with us long after we’ve left the bar. The challenge is how to best translate that simply, with no fuss or muss. Not everyone is stocked to the gills in their home bar. But everyone at the very least should have access to rum, lime (or some other sour citrus) and a sweet ingredient of some sort. If you have bitters and other enhancements, all the better.

My hope is that others – enthusiasts and professionals alike – will join me in sharing photos and recipes on social media using the hashtag #daiquirisofhope in an effort to raise awareness for our friends in their time of need. Let them know we’re thinking of them as we spread the word via their great gift: A well-crafted cocktail.

UPDATES: Jump below: Daiquiris of Hope photos, recipes
From The Atomic Grog:
Beachbum’s Special Daiquiri (Jeff “Beachbum” Berry) NEW
Martiki’s Merchant Daiquiri (Martin Cate)
More coming soon!
Contributed: The Underground Cardamom Daiquiri (Dedicated to Tiki Underground by Mark Hooper)


Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores, contributing to fundraisers
UPDATES: Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores, contributing to fundraisers
We need to do our part to assist those in need: Buy merchandise, donate to crowd-sourced fundraisers.

THE DAIQUIRI: The classic “shift drink”

The humble Daiquiri (rum, lime and sugar at its most basic) is a cocktail that transcends all eras, trends, styles, and social status. It’s the great equalizer behind the bar, often used as a litmus test to judge a bartender’s chops, but more often used as a stress-breaker and common denominator as perhaps the most ubiquitous “shift drink.”

A classic Daiquiri. (Photo by Hurricane Hayward, December 2014)
A classic Daiquiri. (Photo by Hurricane Hayward, December 2014

For all those reasons and many more, we chose this classic Tiki template – embraced by both Trader Vic and Don the Beachcomber and featured in some shape or form on every tropical cocktail menu over the past century – as the means to salute bartenders dealing with today’s state of affairs.

Of course, the history of this Caribbean standard goes back to the town of Daiquiri, Cuba, in the early 1900s, where it was reportedly invented by an American working there during the Spanish-American War. Others may beg to differ, and the drink’s origins are still hotly debated in Cuba’s prestigious cocktail bars.

Unlike the frozen, blended version (often flavored with fruit) that many mainstream drinkers may associate with the name, a classic Daiquiri is always shaken with ice and strained into a coupe or other small glass. Rum, lime and sugar are constants – though Victor Bergeron and Donn Beach kicked off an era of post-Prohibition experimentation that continues to this day.

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The Hukilau hits the road to spread aloha, benefit closed Tiki bars

The Hukilau hits the road to spread aloha, benefit closed Tiki bars

Updated June 6

The coronoavirus pandemic shows few signs of abating, bars and restaurants across the U.S. remain closed, and most events scheduled for the upcoming months continue to be canceled or postponed. Facing this bleak future, it was a forgone conclusion that The Hukilau would be forced to reschedule its 19th annual Tiki weekender scheduled for June 3-7 in Fort Lauderdale.

The Hukilau 2020: A week of virtual events honor 19th annual Tiki weekender, help those in need
NEW: The Hukilau 2020: A week of virtual events honor 19th annual Tiki weekender, help those in need
You can pay homage to the canceled Tiki weekender with educational symposiums, a special virtual event at The Mai-Kai, plus more.
On Facebook: Watch the videos

Global ambassador Alexx Mouzouris chats about Don Q Rum, Gary Evans and Brian Crum of The Intoxicators share stories of the band and The Hukilau:

The Hukilau’s Richard Oneslager talks about the upcoming (MO)RE (ALO)HA Tour, Tim “Swanky Glazner shows off his Mai-Kai mug collection:

Indeed, the announcement sent to ticketholders does just that, but with a hugely ambitious twist. Rather than just regroup at some future date at the historic Mai-Kai restaurant and the beachside B Ocean Resort, organizers have announced The Hukilau “(MO)RE (ALO)HA Tour,” a series of events across the country this summer and fall aimed at raising money for Tiki bars devastated by what have now become months-long shutdowns.

The Hukilau (MO)RE (ALO)HA Tour 2020

The tour will indeed include a return to The Mai-Kai for an 18th straight year, just without the hotel component. “Smaller local events can directly support our bars, and not require villagers to buy an airline ticket, or book a hotel,” The Hukilau announced in the email. “We believe this is the best opportunity to bring the ohana together, and support our community.”

More on The Atomic Grog
* Support Tiki bars now: Buy merchandise, make donations
* Expanded hot food menu joins cocktail ‘Gallons to Go’ as The Mai-Kai reopens to guests

The announcement said The Hukilau is planning “5 or more stops on the tour.” Besides Fort Lauderdale, other planned tour stops are Los Angeles and San Francisco. Potential events in additional cities are on the drawing board, among them Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Atlanta. The email confirmed that the tour will end Oct. 16 in London, site of the previously scheduled Hukilau London, presented in association with The UK RumFest.

A performer in The Mai-Kai's Polynesian Islander Revue is captured during The Hukilau 2019. The revue is the longest-running authentic South Seas stage show in the United States, including Hawaii. (Photo by Jim Neumayer)
A performer in The Mai-Kai’s Polynesian Islander Revue is captured during The Hukilau 2019. The revue is the longest-running authentic South Seas stage show in the United States, including Hawaii. (Photo by Jim Neumayer)

All of the U.S. dates and locations are still to be determined, the email stressed, adding: “We cannot set a schedule until we see how the health crisis and government restrictions play out.” The tour is designed to be “responsive and flexible to changing conditions,” but the hope is for events to take place throughout August and September. “There’s nothing easy about the current conditions we are living in,” it said, adding: “We have all grown more comfortable with a greater amount of uncertainty.”

If you’re already booked for the June event, you can immediately cancel your B Ocean Resort reservation with no penalty. But event ticketholders are being encouraged to hang tight while The Hukilau works out details on multiple options for villagers to transfer some of their payments. “Our number one goal is to support our bars and artists,” according to the announcement from The Hukilau’s organizer, Richard Oneslager, and his crew. Ticket-holders can email for more information on their options. Also look for updates at

New exclusive merchandise will be announced soon. Follow The Hukilau on Facebook and Instagram for info on special mugs and other Tiki treasures that highlight The Hukilau partner bars, as well as artists and vendors.

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Support Tiki bars now: Visit their online stores, contribute to fundraisers

Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores, contributing to fundraisers

Updated Oct. 22, 2020

With bars and restaurants across the country (and world) forced to close due to coronavirus restrictions, many establishments near and dear to our hearts are going through rough times. Even with many reopenings in May and June, severe restrictions are keeping business to a minimum as the pandemic still ripples across the country, and some are even experiencing a second shutdown.

Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores, contributing to fundraisers

We feel strongly about supporting all of the owners, managers and employees as they face severe turbulence in their chosen profession. Please do all you can to help them out by whatever means possible. One easy way for all of us to do this is to frequent their online stores, buy merchandise and gift cards, and put some cash back in their coffers. Also note that many areas of the country have expanded rules to allow take-out and delivery of alcohol as well as food, so check with your local establishments for more info. It may be their lifeline.

Many establishments have offered food and inventive cocktails to go. These include Archipelago (Washington, D.C.), The Bamboo Club (Long Beach, Calif.), Death or Glory (Delray Beach, Fla.), Hidden Harbor (Pittsburgh), The Jungle Bird (Sacramento, Calif.), The Kon-Tiki (Oakland), Lono (Hollywood, Calif.), Lost River (Detroit), Lun Wah (Roselle, N.J.), Max’s South Seas Hideaway (Detroit), Strong Water (Anaheim, Calif.), The Tiki Terrace (Des Plaines, Ill.), Ventiki (Ventura, Calif.), and The Hub Bar (Tampa). The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale has ramped up their offering from gallons of signature cocktails to wine and a extensive menu of hot appetizers and entrees. Call your local establishments to check, and visit this Facebook group for more info on who’s offering take-out and delivery services.

The Mai-Kai re-releases signature rum from The Real McCoy, plus new glassware and spirits menu
The Mai-Kai re-releases signature rum, plus new glassware and spirits menu
The Fort Lauderdale restaurant hosts virtual seminar with The Real McCoy Rum creator Bailey Pryor. Also check out our 12-year-old rum showdown plus info on the summer cocktail menu.
* Cocktail quarts join gallons as The Mai-Kai expands takeout menu

Below you will find links to many of the Tiki bars and restaurants across the country with merchandise and gift cards for sale online. Below that are links to crowd-sourced fundraisers for employees along with other organizations that are working feverishly to aid bar and restaurant workers. It’s sad, but we’re also compiling a list of bars (still small, fortunately) that have announced permanent closings.

We also remind you to continue to support the many artists and merchants who now depend on direct sales to customers to survive. You can find links to many of them in the right rail of this blog post. With events being closed and postponed, they rely even more on a steady stream of online income. Some of the online events held around the world also include marketplaces and ways to make donations to Tiki establishments

The Tiki Times online events calendar
UPDATED: The Tiki Times: Exclusive 2020 events guide
The Tiki Times calendar features live online meet-ups, interviews and happy hours, plus benefits helping those in need.


Following are links to bars and restaurants in the greater Tiki scene offering online sales during these trying times. If you find any broken links, please let us know and we’ll update. Also, please send us any additions to this list via email or as a message on our social media pages (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram). There’s also a new Facebook group to join and add comments, find more ways to help.
NEW indicates listings newly added to this page, not necessarily new stores or merchandise.

Aku Aku's Gill-Man Chu Tiki Mug

Aku Aku, Orlando A small and inviting mid-mod Tiki oasis near downtown, Aku Aku has had its ups and downs during the pandemic. They rolled out a robust takeout program, then got the go-ahead to reopen the bar to customers in early June. However, they were forced to shut down again at the end of the month due to Florida’s out-of-control outbreak. In early July, a new Kickstarter campaign was launched to sell the new Gill-Man Chu Tiki Mug, designed by Doug Horne and manufactured by Tiki Farm. Supply is limited, so reserve your mug now. Additional Kickstarter tiers include T-shirts, signed mugs and prints, plus a special hand-painted mug.

Bahi Hut, Sarasota – This historic (est. 1954) but underappreciated Tiki landmark took a while to ramp up online merch, but in September finally launched an online shop. Signature “Big Tim” mugs ( created by Robo Tiki) are now available in sets of two, with more merchandise coming soon. Recognized as the oldest Tiki bar in Florida, Bahi Hut is also site of the annual Tiki Fever event, which unfortunately had to be postponed this year. The bar reopened on Oct. 3 with strict COVID-19 guidlines, including masks, temperature checks and limiting indoor seating. The outdoor patio has plenty of seating with more furniture coming soon.

Clifton’s Scorpion Bowl, one of many mugs available from Clifton’s Pacific Seas in Los Angeles.

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29, New Orleans – The bar and restaurant owned and operated by author and Tiki revival pioneer Jeff “Beachbum” Berry and his wife Annene Kaye is well represented in the store, including syrups and barware. While you’re there, pick up the Bum’s books so you can make the hundreds of tropical classics at home while we wait for our favorite bars to reopen. After six months, Latitude 29 reopened Oct. 2 with reservation-only seating. Take-out food and cocktails are also available. Go to for deatils.
Daiquiri of Hope: Beachbum’s Special Daiquiri

Chopper, Nashville, Tenn. This new robot-themed Tiki bar has gift cards available online along with its to-go service. The bar reopened June 10 with a new summer menu and social distancing rules.

Clifton’s Pacific Seas, Los Angeles – Closed since the early days of the pandemic, the Tiki bar inside the legendary Clifton’s complex has a variety of items in the Exposition Marketplace of The Neverlands. These include a variety of mugs and “assorted curiosities.” Check back regularly for new items.

Keko Pupule - Tattoo Monkey Mug, produced by Tiki Farm for Esotico Miami.
Keko Pupule – Tattoo Monkey Mug, produced by Tiki Farm for Esotico Miami.

Esotico Miami In addition to a wide selection of “Tiki Away Cocktails,” this tropical hideaway in the Magic City led by noted Tiki mixologist Daniele Dalla Pola offers unique custom bar tools and mugs. Esotico also has a GoFundMe page that benefits its employees. The restaurant is scheduled to reopen indoor dirning under social distancing restrictions on Aug. 31. Esotico has offered outdoor dining as well as takeout, curbside pick-up and delivery throughout the pandemic as long as Miami has allowed it.

False Idol, San Diego Consortium Holdings, one of the partners (along with Tiki bar guru Martin Cate) in this over-the-top throwback to classic Tiki hidden inside the Craft & Commerce bar, offers False Idol mugs and aloha shirts for sale online. Gift cards are also available. In June, Craft & Commerce announced the reopenings of many of its venues, including False Idol.

Forbidden Island, Alameda, Calif. You can buy apparel, mugs, and gift cards directly from one of the Tiki revivals’s first shining beacons. Forbidden Island also has a GoFundMe page for its staff. After being closed for more than four months, Forbidden Island opened a socially-distant Tiki garden and patio for limited hours in late July.

Foundation Tiki Bar, Milwaukee Grab a Rum Barrel mug, a Mai Tai glass and a few other items from this long-running Tiki revival hotspot.

Frankie’s Tiki Room, Las Vegas A wide variety of mugs, glassware and apparel fill the online store of this beloved Tiki bastion in Sin City. You can also pick up gift certificates and a copy of the 2013 book, Liquid Vacation, which features recipes for 77 of the cocktails served at Frankie’s. Frankie’s reopened to the public on June 3, but it was forced to close again in late July due to local restrictions. Frankie’s reopened again on Sept. 21.

Fuchsia Tiki Bar, New Paltz, N.Y. – This small tropical escape hidden away in Ulster County, around 70 miles north of the Big Apple, is plugging away with merchandise, gift cards and cocktails cocktails to go. On June 25, Fuchsia opened for indoor dining with limited seating capacity. On July 6, new T-shirts went on sale in the online store.

Hale Pele's signature mug in a special edition glaze.
Hale Pele’s signature mug in a special edition glaze.

The Grass Skirt, San Diego This fun Tiki hangout hidden inside Good Time Poke in the scenic Pacific Beach neighborhood has a plethora of merch: Mugs, bowls and glassware; plus a variety of shirts and pins. Also, a portion of gift card purchases go toward helping the staff. The Grass Skirt reopened on May 29.

Hale Pele, Portland, Ore. The Pacific Northwest’s long-running Tiki paradise has an array of merch in its new online store, from mugs to glassware to shirts to pins to gift cards. There’s also a virtual tip jar for the staff. While you’re there, sign up for the email blast to get news and updates.

Hidden Harbor's "Hula-ween" Zombie glasses designed by French artist Baï
Hidden Harbor’s “Hula-ween” Zombie glasses designed by French artist Baï.

Hidden Harbor, Pittsburgh The web store at this popular Tiki revival craft cocktail bar offers gift cards, plus exclusive mugs and other merchandise. Sign up for their newsletter and be the first to know about new offerings. Hidden Harbor reopened with limited outdoor sidewalk seating in June, but faces closure during the upcoming winter months. In the meantime, Hidden Harbor is releasing special Halloween merch and participating in Boos! Brews & Barbecue on Oct. 25 with its neighbor and corporate sister, Independent Brewing Company.

Hula Hula, Seattle The longtime kitschy karaoke and Tiki bar offers a wide selection of apparel, including multiple styles of shirts and hats. On June 20, Hula Hula reopened for food, cocktails and karaoke under the state of Washington’s guidelines.

The Infermo Room Drum Mug, designed by Ken Ruzic and produced by Tiki Farm.
The Infermo Room Drum Mug, designed by Ken Ruzic and produced by Tiki Farm.

The Inferno Room, Indianapolis Check out the online store for mugs, pins, and hats. On June 8, The Inferno Room reopened at 50 percent capacity.

Kon Tiki, Tucson, Ariz., The venerable restaurant, one of the few Tiki temples dating back to the mid-century, offers a selection of mugs and apparel in its online store. There’s also a staff GoFundMe page. On May 11, the restaurant reopened its dining room in addtion to offering take-out.

Kowloon, Saugus, Mass. – This historic Asian restaurant with Tiki flair has a full-blown online gift shop filled with mugs and bowls, shirts, hats and plushes. You can also buy gift certificates. Kowloon reopened with outdoor seating on June 9. On June 25, the restaurant added drive-in movies and car-hop service for guests to enjoy from their cars along with an outdoor Tiki bar and live music.

Laki Kane, London The acclaimed craft Tiki bar from mixologist and author Georgi Radev has an online shop featuring a nice selection of mugs, plus the bar’s own spiced dry rum. Also, guests who already created a custom rum can reorder a bottle. Note that shipping is available only within the UK. Laki Kane reopened on July 4 by reservation only under strict new guidelines.

Laki Kane's Tropicolada mug.
Laki Kane’s Tropicolada mug.

Last Rites, San Francisco – Dubbed “Polynesian noir,” this unique and modern take on Tiki with a backstory revolving around a plane crash has had to battle its own takedown by coronavirus. While the bar remains closed, you can buy gift cards and make donations to help the staff.

Lono, Los Angeles There are quite a few items to choose from in the online store for the Umbrella Hospitality Group, which owns this Hollywood Boulevard haunt. You can pick up a gift card, plus signature mugs, glassware, pins, and hats. A selection of cocktails are also available for pickup and delivery.

Lost Lake, Chicago – Early in the pandemic, this award-winning craft cocktail bar created a GoFundMe page with 100 percent of the virtual tips going to the laid-off staff. Donors received a special newsletter containing food and drink recipes to make at home, plus other special features. The bar took the first step in toward reopening in June, when laws were changed to allow takeout cocktails along with food. With a full-blown reopening still on the distant horizon, the ambitious Lost Lake at Home program was launched in October. A monthly membership gives locals access to unique and special rums, bottled cocktails, plus lots more.

Lost River, Detroit The Web store of this rum-focused tropical neighborhood bar on Detroit’s Eastside features gift cards, plus a wide assortment of merchandise (tons of mugs and glassware, plus shirts and pins). There’s also an option to “tip your bartender.” According to a Facebook post, Lost River is planning on reopening in August (subject to change).

The Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale The Mai-Kai Trading Post is the historic restaurant’s longtime online version of its vast on-site gift shop, offering custom mugs, apparel, jewelry, Tikis, artist prints, menus, and more. Also online, gift certificates and vouchers can be purchased in multiple demoninations. You can also join The Mai-Kai Club, a loyalty program that entitles you to 25 to 50 percent off food, drinks and merchandise. Click here for more info and join the club for just $20 by mail or, for the first time this year, online. The Mai-Kai’s bar and dining rooms reopened to the public under social distancing rules on May 29.
TAKE-OUT SPECIALS: Expanded to-go menu including cocktails, wine, appetizers, entrees

Safe and scary fun: Hulaween Drive-In Movie at The Mai-Kai on Oct. 30
Safe and scary fun: Hulaween Drive-In Movie at The Mai-Kai on Oct. 30
The historic Polynesian restaurant will reanimate its parking lot as a monster movie theater, complete with a big screen showing an infamous 1960s-era horror film.
>>> Full preview, ticket info, more

View this post on Instagram

We picked a really difficult time to open, a few months before the worst pandemic since 1918. But we’re still here. It’s time to give thanks to all our amazing guests for supporting us by celebrating our one-year anniversary on Saturday, October 17. Limited Edition Mug Release We’ll kick off the day at 11 AM by releasing a limited-edition mug designed by Michigan artist Doug P’Gosh. We produced this mug in Grand Rapids in our in-house ceramic studio. The new mug is called simply “Gecko” because it depicts one of our founders, Hawaiian artist Gecko @geckoz_southseaarts_ , a world-renowned tiki artist based in Honolulu. Gecko can’t make it to GR for the event but the artist who designed the mug @dougpgosh will be here and will sign your mug if you want. Come meet him and buy a mug or two (limit of two per person). The price is $125 per mug. There are two separate glazes available: “Maori red” (glossy), and “sandstone brown” (matte). We produced 100 of each of these mugs and when they’re gone, they’re gone. First come, first served. [Please note: There will be a limit of two mugs per person at this event. If the mugs don’t sell out on October 17, the remaining mugs will be sold online through our e-commerce website. We will announce the online sale date after the 17th.] Special Food Features We’ll have some special food features for brunch and dinner. New Cocktails! Three new cocktails created by our bartenders will be available, in addition to our regular drink menu. Mark your calendar for October 17 — this day will be so much fun! Reservations are highly recommended and can be made on our website

A post shared by Max’s South Seas Hideaway (@maxstiki) on

Max’s South Seas Hideaway, Grand Rapids, Mich. Featuring an in-house ceramic studio along with one of the most ambitious build-outs since Tiki’s mid-century heyday, this acclaimed new restaurant originally sold exclusively to its on-site guests. Now, however, they continually stock a vast online store with limited-edition mugs, bowls, clothing, and other collectible merchandise. Gift cards are also available. There’s also a GoFundMe page to aid employees. The restaurant reopened on June 15 and had a special mug release launch on Father’s Day. Since then, they’ve also ramped up their to-go offerings, which now include 26 different canned cocktails, from Mai Tais to Painkillers to Zombies and more.

Special Father's Day mug release from Max’s South Seas Hideaway
Special Father’s Day mug release from Max’s South Seas Hideaway. (Facebook photo)

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