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1992 Slammies - XS magazine
June 25, 1992: The Button South, Hallandale

Award highlights: Amboog-A-Lard wins five skulls, Malevolent Creation three and Raped Ape and Load two each as the performing bands dominate the balloting. Jeordie White, in his pre-Twiggy days with Amboog-A-Lard, accepts the first Slammie (for rhythm guitar) and thanks George Lucas. Raped Ape wins the first Grand Slammie (Band of the Year) award.

Concert highlights: More than 900 turn out for the all-ages show, and the dance floor erupts immediately when Load takes the stage and never lets up during the six-hour slamfest. Malevolent Creation turns on one of their best performances ever with a brutal 75-minute set to cap the evening.

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    July 15, 1993: The Plus Five, Davie

    Award highlights: Marilyn Manson wins its first two awards. Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden presents the drummer award to Raped Ape's J.C. Dwyer. Mr. Manson and Jeordie White toss Saigon Kick's award into the mosh pit, where it is smashed.

    Concert Highlights: Collapsing Lungs steals the show, impressing Atlantic Records reps who later sign the band. Timescape Zero stirs up the biggest pit with a blistering set.

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    July 3, 1994: The Edge, Fort Lauderdale

    Marilyn Manson at the South Florida Slammie Awards / Copyright 1994 Spotlight Magazine, Mike Smith
    Award highlights: The Mansons win their second Grand Slammie, Load wins three awards and Open Books and Records wins the first South Florida Pioneer Award.

    Concert highlights: The biggest crowd in Slammie history - more than 1,200 - packs The Edge just nine days prior to the release of Marilyn Manson's debut album, Portrait of An American Family. Load and Jack Off Jill perform typically chaotic sets and Raped Ape whips up a good old fashioned mosh pit. Marilyn Manson closes the show with a tight, no-frills 45-minute set. Just months later, the band is on tour with Nine Inch Nails and taking over the youth of America.

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    July 3, 1995: The Edge, Fort Lauderdale

    Award highlights: New bands Smite, Strongarm and Puya win their first skulls and perennial winners Marilyn Manson, Load, Jack Off Jill, Raped Ape and Amboog-A-Lard add to their Slammie cache. The late Fred Zackrie (who presented the first Slammie in 1992) is posthumously given the South Florida Pioneer Award.

    Concert highlights: Genitorturers mesmerize the crowd of 1,100 with their sexually charged show. L.U.N.G.S. add hip-hop to the Slammie brew and later sign with Pavement Music.

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    June 23, 1996: The Edge, Fort Lauderdale

    Award highlights: Marilyn Manson is booed repeatedly by the hardcore crowd in an ironic twist on the '93 show, when Manson trashed Saigon Kick. Manson's three awards (as well as Smite's three) are unpopular with the crowd, but hip-hop/hardcore heroes L.U.N.G.S. walk away with the Grand Slammie and Drummer awards.

    Concert highlights: Headliner Biohazard is the first non-Florida band to play the Slammies but receives help from their local friends. Drummer J.C. Dwyer of Paingod jams on Wrong Side of the Tracks and members of L.U.N.G.S. join on vocals for the encore.

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    Sept. 13, 1997: Squeeze, Fort Lauderdale

    Award highlights: Against All Authority wins Band of the Year, Load and Jack Off Jill continue to gather skulls and The Groovenics win their first two awards.

    Concert highlights: The Groovenics get the show going early with a high-energy set. Ska makes its first Slammie appearance with a tight, swinging set by King 7 & The Soulsonics. Shai Hulud and Strongarm close the night with powerful sets of inspirational hardcore.

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    Dec. 17, 1998: Fu-Bar, Fort Lauderdale

    Award highlights: The Groovenics (Band of the Year, Local Release, Bassist and Vocalist) and Nonpoint (Guitarist and Drummer) establish their dominance of the local scene by sweeping six of the eight awards.

    Concert highlights: Puya (MCA Records) returns to South Florida with a blistering headlining set. Nonpoint draws a huge response with its new metal sounds and Endo wakes the crowd with a tight hardcore/metal set.

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    Dec. 30, 1999: Fu-Bar, Fort Lauderdale

    Collapsing Lungs
    Award highlights: Nonpoint (Album of the Year, Guitarist and Drummer) and The Groovenics (Band of the Year) again dominate with Endo (Bassist) and Lost (New Band) completing a sweep for the "crossover" scene.

    Concert highlights: Original members of Collapsing Lungs come together for a surprise reunion. The Groovenics raise the roof with a crowd-pleasing set. Lost and Darwin's Waiting Room give the show a flying start with short but powerful performances.

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