Classic Florida metal!

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Terminal Reality, this two-disc collection features 29 songs and seven videos, plus a 16-page booklet of vintage photos and artwork.

Raped Ape: Land Of Broken Promises
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Classic music still available

Various Artists - South Florida Slammie Awards Vol 1    CD just $10 (U.S. only, includings postage)
(GJ Records/Primitive Productions, 1994)
Rare and previously unreleased recordings from 19 of the area's premiere metal, hardcore and alternative artists of the early '90s. Features Puya, Nonpoint, Malevolent Creation, Jack Off Jill, Raped Ape, Load, Sinful Lust, Tension, Amboog-A-Lard, Brutal Mastication, Timescape Zero, Radio Baghdad, Dore Soul, Gus, Killing Silence, Core Chaotic, Junkwaffle, F.O.S. and Sickness.
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Various Artists - Power From the Vault    CD just $10 (U.S. only, includings postage)
(Conquest Music Group, 1997)
Never-before released recordings from some of South Florida's biggest bands of the early '90s. Features L.U.N.G.S., Raped Ape, Amboog-A-Lard, Quit, Excessive, Opposite Earch, Bone China, In Your Face.


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