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Slammie Awards artwork by Mike Pucciarelli

THEY'RE BAAAAACK ... The return of the Slammie Awards

As part of our 15th anniversary year, we're bringing the Slammies back from the dead for a special "15 years of rawk" edition that honors not just current artists but the past 15 years of the South Florida music scene.

The original South Florida Slammie Awards ran from 1992 through 1999, outlasting most Florida-based rock awards events (there were many) during the booming '90s music scene. Featuring everyone from Marilyn Manson, Puya and Nonpoint to Against All Authority, Further Seems Forever and New Found Glory, the Slammies spanned the full spectrum of styles in cutting-edge hard music, from punk to metal to hardcore with a little indie thrown in. And, of course, a mosh pit or two.

When the local music scene sputtered in the new millennium, Slammie Productions concentrated on the growing demand for national acts and became a mainstay on the club scene with regular concerts that continue at venues from Miami to Palm Beach. The occasion of the 15th anniversary of the birth of the Slammies gives us the impetus to look back at an impressive array of area talent that should at the least give us hope that South Florida remains a fertile breeding ground for great music.

A good chunk of the nominees come from those 1990s glory days but there's also a fair share of representation from the current scene, and we especially recognize the hardy souls who refuse to stop and span several eras of local music.

With apologies to everyone we missed, here's a very unscientific survey of South Florida's original music scene ...

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Most Important Band
(The Grand Slammie)

Honoring not only the most popular but also the most influential and groundbreaking bands that had a major impact on the scene over the past 15 years:

Unsung Hero
Honoring the bands that should have made it big, but didn't:

National release
Honoring major-label and major indie albums and other significant releases that achieved nationwide or worldwide acclaim:

Local/indie release
Honoring self-released recordings and albums put out through smaller labels that did not receive widespread distribution but were nonetheless the cream of the crop of the South Florida scene:

Best Band Name
Honoring the most creative, original, all-around cool names:
Punk band
Honoring all the various sub-genres, from pop-punk to ska-punk to gutter-punk:

Hardcore band
Honoring the hard end of the punk spectrum as well as metalcore and straightedge HC scenes:

Metal band
Honoring the underground thrash/death and speed metal scenes as well as the best hard rock/heavy metal bands that stir area mosh pits:

Indie rock band
Honoring the emo and indie rock scenes as well as the best indie-minded bands that don't fall into any of the above categories:

Scene pioneer
Honoring individuals who have committed themselves to the betterment of the local music scene and have made a lasting impact through their efforts:
Honoring the most dynamic frontmen and women:

Honoring the most accomplished axe-slingers:

Honoring the top skin-bashers:

Honoring the best at holding down the "big bottom":

Best Live Music Club
Honoring the most important venues for local music since 1992:
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