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SFSA: Vol. 1: When Metal Ruled South Florida

South Florida Slammie Awards
Features 19 bands, 70 minutes of music: Puya, Jack Off Jill, Malevolent Creation, Nonpoint Factor, Raped Ape, Amboog-A-Lard, Radiobaghdad, Tension, Load, Sinful Lust, Brutal Mastication, Timescape Zero, Dore Soul, Gus, Killing Silence, Core Chaotic, Junkwaffle, F.O.S., Sickness.

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Track Listing:
1 - Tension, Unheard
2 - Jack Off Jill, Don't Wake the Baby
3 - Load, Pickin' Daze
4 - Raped Ape, Stuck
5 - Malevolent Creation, Tasteful Agony
6 - Amboog-A-Lard, Eye Inside
7 - Sinful Lust, All Your Dreams
8 - Brutal Mastication, Crush the Coffin
9 - Timescape Zero, Uprise
10 - Puya, Al Palo
11 - Radiobaghdad, Dick Dog
12 - Dore Soul, Snare Song (The Joke's on You)
13 - Gus, Chairman is Bored
14 - Killing Silence, God Hates Me
15 - Nonpoint Factor, Take Me
16 - Core Chaotic, B.T.F.O.O.M.
17 - Junkwaffle, Stained
18 - F.O.S., Bigotry
19 - Sickness, Deceased

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Press Reviews

  • "It's a monster. Nineteen songs of every kind of metal imaginable are here; fans of riffing, grooving angst and aggression will find this indispensable. It's unlikely they'll find a better assembled compilation of diverse metal artists anywhere else." Jam Magazine (Feb. 3, 1995)

  • "Slammie Awards is a long-overdue tribute to South Florida's thriving, often overlooked and vastly underrated underground music scene. ... Listen to Raped Ape's Stuck, Load's Pickin' Daze, Jack Off Jill's Don't Wake the Baby - the sound is in the same league as Metallica, Rollins Band, L7 and other brethren." - The Palm Beach Post (Feb. 17, 1995)