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Monterey Club joining forces with Propaganda

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As previously announced and mourned by local and independent music fans, The Monterey Club shut down its Fort Lauderdale location after one last bash on New Year’s Eve. But the club had a surprise for its fans on Jan. 2, when it announced on Facebook that all future shows will be moved to Propaganda in Lake Worth.


It’s still unclear if this arrangement will morph into a full-blown partnership, but for now it appears that The Monterey will live on. According to the Facebook announcement: “Our website will remain up, with some details changing, but the calendar will remain the same. So keep checking for great evenings of the best original music South Florida has to offer.”

According to the announcement, among the bands that have been booked at The Monterey and will be appearing at Propaganda are Scott H. Biram, Two Man Gentleman Band, Cristabel and the Jons, The Hackensaw Boys, Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade, and The Red Elvises. It said: “The local music will continue as well, and we will be invading Palm Beach with some serious Broward and Dade kick ass rock and roll! More info coming soon!”

The Monterey Club

The two clubs have always had a close working relationship. When the closing was announced, Propaganda posted a Facebook comment mourning The Monterey’s demise: “We share a common vision. Providing artists a platform to express original music, art and entertainment, whether it be indie, rockabilly, hip hop, country, metal, punk, strange, good, bad or ugly. We take it and we give it to an audience that is hungry for something new or not mainstream. We go to Monterey. They come to Propaganda. We are part of a whole. And when part of that whole is gone we are all lessened.”

It appears that the clubs’ shared vision will become stronger under this new, united front. Propaganda has a better layout and is slightly bigger in size than the old Monterey Club, offering the opportunity for more national acts and a better experience for clubgoers. Propaganda also has the full liquor license that The Monterey Club lacked, affording the owners more of a chance to make a profit and continue to produce shows.

Propaganda is at 6 S. J St. in Lake Worth. Call (561) 547-7273.

Official sites: | Facebook venue page | Twitter | Facebook fan page | Facebook venue page

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