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Massive Shag volcano bowl released via Tiki Farm

Leave it to that iconic mid-century revivalist Shag to bring to the market one of the most over-the-top Tiki mug sets ever produced. Brace yourself, because the Kelena Volcano Bowl Entertaining Set just went on sale at 9 a.m. Pacific time. But it may not last long.

Kelena Volcano Bowl Entertaining Set

Limited to just 100 sets, this massive volcano bowl has a 108-ounce capacity and four matching 6-ounce companion mugs. They’re priced at a hefty $375, but each set also includes an 18-by-18 signed and numbered seriagraph signed by Shag.
* Click here to order while supplies last

If you happen to miss the Kelena bowl, it appears that Shag will be releasing the very similar Koei and Kakui bowls (and accompanying signed seriagrahs) through Tiki Farm and the SHAG store in Palm Springs in early September. They’re the same size and style but with a green/white (Koei) and dark blue (Kakui) glaze instead of light blue. Sign up for the e-mail lists on the Tiki Farm and Shag sites so you don’t miss out.

If you’re looking for the coolest communal bowl set on the market, look no further than this instant classic. And the seriagraph makes it even more worth a purchase. It’s comparable in size to the current Mai-Kai Mystery Bowl, which holds around 100 ounces.

Tiki Farm has been the premiere source of mugs and limited edition ceramics from the biggest names in the Tiki revival since 2000. Its back catalog of some 1,000 mugs is unrivaled in both its quantity and breadth of artists.

SHAG is the first retail store and gallery dedicated exclusively to the artist Shag (aka Josh Agle). The store offers prints, books, paintings, merchandise and other products available only at that location. Josh Agle has eased into his role as the Tiki revival’s master artist, defining the resurgence of mid-century style for the masses.

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  1. Nice bowl set! Trouble is, if I bought one of these bowls I wouldn’t have money left for the rum to put in it!

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