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Pioneering Miami Rum Festival foreshadowed spirit’s renaissance

Pioneering Miami Rum Festival foreshadowed spirit’s renaissance

When rum enthusiasts Robert and Robin Burr hosted their first tasting event in 2008 in South Florida, little did they know that 15 years later there would be a plethora of similar events worldwide, with more springing up every year. They had confidence in the often misunderstood spirit’s potential, however, dubbing their event the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and growing it into one of the largest such gatherings, setting future trends for the industry.
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Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

If seems like there’s a rum festival every month of the year, that’s probably because there likely is. In just the next few weeks, fans of cane spirits will gather for the Miami festival, plus events in Barbados, St Barth, Denmark, and Australia. Next year’s calendar already includes more than a dozen events, from Puerto Rico to Paris. For that, we can thank the Burrs and other OG rum festivals, such as the massive UK RumFest (est. 2007), recently held in London.
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This year will mark the 14th Miami Rum Renaissance for the Burrs, who are content to keep their event at a more manageable size with an intimate venue and boutique-style vibe. The rum tastings will be held for the fourth straight time at a historic building in the suburbs with a small schedule of educational seminars offered at a nearby hotel the day before.

The event offers a rare opportunity for hundreds of rum connoisseurs to meet and mingle in an intimate setting with producers, distillers, importers, distributors, retailers and other members of the spirits trade.

Nov. 11-12 – Miami Rum Renaissance Festival at the Coral Gables Woman’s Club and Marriott Courtyard Coral Gables. Educational seminars on Saturday, grand tasting on Sunday. Buy tickets now.
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Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

Seminars feature experts from Bacardi, Barbancourt, National Rums of Jamaica

If you’re interested in more than just tasting rum, Saturday’s schedule is for you. Learn about blending, rum history, modern innovations, and how sugar cane can influence the final product. The Miami Rum Festival will offer four 45-minute presentations, running from noon to 5:15 p.m. at the Marriott.

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Minimalist Tiki

Dada in Delray Beach embraces rum with new cocktail menu

If I have one complaint about the proliferation of craft cocktail bars, it’s that many of the mixologists tend to shun perhaps the most versatile and tasty base spirit of them all. Of course, I’m talking about rum.
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A barrel of small-batch rum at Dada in Delray Beach
A barrel of small-batch rum at Dada in Delray Beach. (Facebook photo)

So when I heard that Dada in Delray Beach – already one of the best spots for mojitos in South Florida (not to mention the award-winning food) – was expanding its bar menu to include new rums and cocktails, I regained my faith in the new cocktail culture. It took a while to get down there to check out the offerings, but on a recent visit I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of the drinks. Pairing them with delicious food and lounging in Dada’s outdoor dining area only enhanced the experience.

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While Dada is often mentioned among the top restaurants to grab a cocktail, and boasts some acclaimed bartenders, it’s typically not mentioned in the same breath as some of the area’s top craft cocktail spots. The mojitos are great, but there was nothing there for those who prefer a classic, or something a little less fruity. That all changed last summer, when Dada released its own line of small-batch spiced rums.

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Miami festival showcases a never-ending variety of rums, but what does the future hold?

The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival celebrated its fifth birthday last month, drawing thousands of industry reps and enthusiasts to a weeklong celebration of one of the world’s most popular spirits.

The April 15-21 event marked the occasion with an impressive new venue, some informative and entertaining expert speakers and, of course, hundreds of product samples available at the weekend Grand Tasting events.

Some of the many product samples awating the expert judges at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in April 2013
Some of the many product samples awating the expert judges at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in April 2013. (Official event photo by Tatu Kaarlas,

The tastings were the big draw, attracting large crowds to the Miami Airport Convention Center (MACC) for every rum under the sun, from Abuelo (Panama) to Zaya (Trinidad & Tobago). It’s this great diversity that has always made rum special, as devotees well know. Unfortunately, a dark cloud threatens to mar rum’s renaissance, but we’ll save that buzzkill for later. First, a few highlights of The Atomic Grog’s experiences during the fest.

The first five days featured the VIP parties and product judging that draw the bulk of the rum industry movers and shakers to South Florida. I caught some of Tuesday’s party at The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale and rubbed elbows with a few notables from the Tiki world. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it down to Miami Beach for one of the Broken Shaker’s daily happy hours. This highly acclaimed bar in the Freehand Miami hostel is on my short list of South Florida cocktail hotspots I need to explore in depth.

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