VIDEO & PHOTOS: Skinny Jimmy Stingray talks classic surf, performs at The Mai-Kai

Updated Feb. 14, 2020

South Florida’s Skinny Jimmy Stingray and his band rocked The Molokai bar during a special Retro Rekindled monthly community gathering at The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 15. The live set followed a presentation with The Atomic Grog’s Hurricane Hayward about the guitarist’s musical journey from punk to instrumental surf.

Skinny Jimmy Stingray performs in The Molokai bar at The Mai-Kai during the Retro Rekindled event on Dec. 15, 2019

Atomic Grog photo

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be posting full, multi-camera videos of songs performed by Jimmy and his band, along with the entire presentation. Mahalo to Sergio Figuera of Prime Photo & Video for the great job with the videography.

The first clip is a Skinny Jimmy original that has been part of his repertoire for years:

Espionage by Skinny Jimmy Stingray

Next up, a cover of a Link Wray classic:

The Black Widow by Skinny Jimmy Stingray

More videos are coming soon to Jimmy’s new YouTube page.

Here are some more photos of the band and Retro Rekindled host Jupiter Jones:

Skinny Jimmy Stingray performs in The Molokai bar at The Mai-Kai during Jupiter Jones' Retro Rekindled event on Dec. 15, 2019

Atomic Grog photos

Skinny Jimmy Stingray performs in The Molokai bar at The Mai-Kai during the Retro Rekindled event on Dec. 15, 2019

Photos by Noel

Skinny Jimmy was just confirmed for an eighth appearance at The Hukilau in June. Click here for more info from The Atomic Grog on the East Coast’s largest and longest-running Tiki weekender.



South Florida guitarist Skinny Jimmy Stingray will be joined by The Atomic Grog’s Hurricane Hayward for a lively discussion about his winding road from punk to instrumental surf at a special Retro Rekindled monthly community gathering at The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, Dec. 15.

From punk rocker to surf guitarist: Skinny Jimmy Stingray's musical journey

Doors open at 4 p.m., and the presentation starts at 4:30. “From punk rocker to surf guitarist: Skinny Jimmy Stingray’s musical journey,” is a free event in The Molokai bar during happy hour. Attendees will also learn about the classic first wave of surf music, then enjoy a set of tunes from Skinny Jimmy and his band through the end of happy hour at 7 p.m.

The Mai-Kai’s famous Tiki cocktails and extensive menu of appetizers will be half-priced throughout the event. Guests are also encouraged to stay for dinner and enjoy the famous Polynesian Islander Revue, the longest-running authentic South Seas stage show in the United States, including Hawaii. Show reservations are suggested.

A throwback to the golden era of surf, Skinny Jimmy Stingray is on a mission to keep that stripped-down style of instrumental rock alive at all costs. When mild-mannered James LeClair puts on a suit and straps on his vintage guitar, he becomes an evangelist for the traditional guitar-driven sounds of the 1960s.

Skinny Jimmy Stingray and his band: Frenchy (bass) and Kevin (drums)

Skinny Jimmy Stingray and his band: Frenchy (bass) and Kevin (drums).

He has earned opening slots with some of the genre’s greats – including Dick Dale, The Surfaris and Los Straitjackets – while bucking trends in the local music scene. Jimmy has performed at major clubs and events across the state, including Tiki Fever in Sarasota and seven straight years at The Hukilau in Fort Lauderdale.

Currently performing as a three-piece with bass and drums, Jimmy and his band cover a wide spectrum of instrumental music genres – from rockabilly to spaghetti western to sci-fi and secret agent. The band’s extensive set list includes Jimmy’s own songs along with a wide range of classics from the 1950s and ’60s.

In honor of Skinny Jimmy’s special “Top 5” features for The Atomic Grog (see below), here’s a teaser for Retro Rekindled on Dec. 15. …

Skinny Jimmy Stingray

Skinny Jimmy Stingray

5 things you’ll learn about Skinny Jimmy Stingray

* Jimmy has been playing guitar for more than 40 years, beginning in his early teens in the 1970s.

* Until he dedicated his heart and soul to instrumental music, Jimmy was always lead vocalist as well as lead guitarist in his bands.

* While living in the Midwest in the early ’80s, he was inspired to get into the punk scene by the iconic bands of the day.

* After Jimmy moved to South Florida, he formed several punk bands that played clubs throughout the area in the 1990s.

* Jimmy spent years learning, researching, and preparing for what would become his evolution into Skinny Jimmy Stingray. He has shared his wisdom in several special Top 5 lists. Look for a new one coming soon on the most underappreciated surf bands of the first wave.

Skinny Jimmy’s Picks: The all-time top 5 Dick Dale songs
Skinny Jimmy's Picks: The all-time top 5 Dick Dale songs
Dick Dale uncovered something special in the sandy beaches of Southern California that like a powerful wave could not be contained. His sound was like the roar of an ocean washing across all lands and cultures, leaving in its wake a gift of music that transcends time and moves people. In this second in a series of special features on instro surf music, Skinny Jimmy Stingray gives us his picks for his all-time top 5 Dick Dale songs.
AUDIO: See and hear Jimmy’s top five

Eerie and evil tunes for your Halloween shindig
Skinny Jimmy's Picks: The top 5 most sinister surf songs
In this first in a series of special features on instro surf music, Skinny Jimmy Stingray gives us his picks for the most sinister surf songs. As Jimmy points out, “Nothing echoes quite as ghoulishly as the sound of a reverb-soaked electric guitar.”
AUDIO/VIDEO: See and hear Jimmy’s top five

Skinny Jimmy’s official sites
* | Facebook page | Instagram
* Audio & video: Bandcamp | ReverbNation | YouTube

The Mai-Kai is at 3599 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, on the west side between Commercial and Oakland Park boulevards. Call (954) 563-3272 for more information or to make dinner reservations. Valet and paid self-parking.
* Official site | Trading Post | Twitter
* Facebook: Official page | Friends of The Mai-Kai group
* Instagram: Restaurant | The Molokai bar | Trading Post
* Mai-Kai history: Book and official website | Facebook page
* Google Maps: Explore The Mai-Kai in 3-D

About Retro Rekindled

Jupiter Jones

Jupiter Jones

Retro Rekindled is held monthly at The Mai-Kai as a free community event dedicated to building and supporting South Florida’s vintage-loving, retro-living community. Organized by Jupiter Jones, these early Sunday events take place during happy hour at The Mai Kai and include lectures by owners of retro-themed businesses.

Recent past presenters included Daniele Dalla Pola of Esotico Miami, and Jonathan Chaffin of Inuhele: Atlanta’s Tiki Weekend as well as Horror In Clay mugs and barware. Last January, The Atomic Grog presented a special Demerara rum sympoisium (see below).

Business owners talk about what retro means to them and provide tips and tricks for vintage lovers. There are also raffles for retro-themed prizes and often drink or spirits sponsors. Admission is free and all are welcome. Facebook events include a link to order tickets that guarantee you a seat.

Check out the Facebook page for future Retro Rekindled events. Jupiter is an active memeber of the central Florida Tiki community, and you can also find Retro Rekindled on Instagram.

RETRO REKINDLED: ‘Demerara Rum – The Mai-Kai’s Secret Weapon’ Demerara Rum: The Mai-Kai's Secret Weapon on Jan. 19, 2019, at The Mai-Kai The Atomic Grog was pleased to present a special happy-hour talk during The Mai-Kai Takeover event in January, presented by the Magical Tiki Meet-Up and Retro Rekindled. Click here to check out our full event recap, including photos and highlights of our Demerara rum discussion.

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About Hurricane Hayward

A professional journalist and Florida resident for more than 30 years, Jim "Hurricane" Hayward shares his obsession with Polynesian Pop and other retro styles on his blog, The Atomic Grog. Jim's roots in mid-century and reto culture go back to his childhood in the 1960s, when he tagged along with his parents to Tiki restaurants and his father's custom car shows. His experience in journalism, mixology, and more than 20 years as an independent concert promoter make him a jack-of-all-trades in the South Florida scene. A graduate of the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications, Jim is a longtime web producer for The Palm Beach Post. In his spare time, he has promoted hundreds of rock, punk, and indie concerts under the Slammie Productions name since the early 1990s. In 2011, he launched The Atomic Grog to extensively cover events, music, art, cocktails, and culture with a retro slant. Jim earned his nickname by virtue of both his dangerous exotic drinks and his longtime position producing The Post's tropical weather website.
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