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Pick up some Hukilau glassware for your summer Tiki party

The annual gathering of Tikiphiles in Fort Lauderdale is still more than 10 months away, but organizers of The Hukilau event know that some of us are always seeking out cool new mugs and glasses.

The original Florida Tiki History Glass, released in 2009
The original Florida Tiki History Glass, released in 2009. (Photo from

This summer, they’ve re-released a classic and introduced something new in their Tiki Icon Series of glassware designs.

The Florida Tiki History Glass debuted at Hukilau 2009 and later sold out. This high-quality double old-fashioned glass features the the original logos and artwork from many current and defunct bars and restaurants, including The Mai-Kai and Julian’s in Ormond Beach, which unfortunately just closed.

This glass has been reissued in a special edition “exotic red” color (the original was brown). It’s just $40 for a set of four glasses. We’ve put our original set to great use over the years and highly recommend it. You’ll find a Hukilau cocktail recipe to fill your new glass below. Check out the artwork:

Florida Tiki History Glass artworkClick here to order now

But that’s not all. New for 2012 is the California Tiki History Glass, featuring the artwork and logos of five long-lost temples from the birthplace of Polynesian Pop. California still has a vibrant, thriving Tiki scene but we sometimes forget the forefathers who paved the way. This glass honors that tradition. It’s promised to the the first in a series, and it’s also $40 for a set of four. Check out the artwork:

California Tiki History Glass artworkClick here to order now

Also available at the same link above, but reportedly going fast, is the official 2012 mug designed by Tiki Diablo. The price has also been reduced to $55 for this tribute to carver Richard Ellis’ Tiki that stood at the Tradewinds Restaurant in Oxnard, Calif. Hukilau mugs have become valuable collectibles, so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Here’s a review of all 11 years’ worth of Hukilau mugs.

Official 2012 Hukilau mug by Tiki Diablo
Official 2012 Hukilau mug by Tiki Diablo. (Photo from

One other piece of merchandise is still available at a discount. The official 2012 shirts are being offered for $22 with free shipping. The artwork was done by Japanese artist Mookie, who also recently did new designs for The Mai-Kai. Styles available are men’s T-shirts and girls babydoll shirts. Click here to see the shirts and place an order.

Hukilau offers sneak peak at 2013

In a recent announcement to subscribers of the Hukilau e-mail list, organizer Tiki Kiliki offered a few details on early plans for the 2013 event, scheduled for June 6-9 in Fort Lauderdale. There will be a live Tiki carving featuring some of Florida’s most talented carvers. The finished product will be auctioned off during the main event at The Mai-Kai. Also, she promised more aquatic performances by Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid at the Sheraton Beach Hotel’s Wreck Bar.

Kiliki – aka Christie J. White, who co-founded the event in 2002 – said there will be an announcement soon about a new host hotel. “I think everyone is going to be really happy about our choice,” she said. “We were careful and wanted to choose the best fit for the event and best for you!”

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Papeete Paralyzer
Papeete Paralyzer as served at The Atomic Grog. (Photo by Hurricane Hayward, July 2012)

To get you started with your new glassware (or fill any existing vessel in your bar), here’s an old favorite that won the grand prize in the cocktail contest at the Hukilau 2010 room crawl. Click here for more info and great photos from that event.

Papeete Paralyzer
Created by Damon Bolte (Damon Vegas)

* 1 1/2 ounces Benedictine
* 1 ounce Rhum JM Agricole Blanc
* 1/4 ounce falernum
* Juice of one lime
* 1 inch fresh banana
* Lemon Hart 151 Demerara float
* Lime zest

In a mixing glass, pinch one inch of fresh banana and muddle with the juice of one lime. Add the rest of the ingredients (save the 151) and shake well with ice. Strain into a double old-fashioned glass packed with crushed ice. Top with the 151 and garnish with the fresh lime zest.

Atomic Grog tips

 Papeete Paralyzer, voted "Best Cocktail Creation," is served by mixologists in Gaughin's Grotto during the Hukilau 2010 room crawl
Papeete Paralyzer, voted “Best Cocktail Creation,” is served by mixologists in Gaughin’s Grotto during the Hukilau 2010 room crawl. (Photo by

* Any quality white agricole rum will work in place of Rhum JM, which was a sponsor of the room crawl event and one of the required rums. I used Clement Premiere Canne Rhum Agricole and it was quite tasty. It’s also worth trying other rums, such as a gold Martinique, Demerara, or anything that catches your fancy.

* Floating 1/2 ounce of Lemon Hart made for a nicely balanced drink. Feel free to increase for a more potent concoction.

* Unless you don’t mind a bit of banana pulp, I would use a fine mesh strainer. And lime zest could be considered optional. If you want to fully utilize the lime, try garnishing with a spiral of lime peel and/or dropping a half of a spent lime into the drink.

Okole maluna!

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