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Tap into The Mai-Kai anywhere with the new smartphone app

The Mai-Kai is a 56-year-old slice of vintage Polynesian Pop that evokes the simpler times of the mid-20th century. But this doesn’t mean the classic Fort Lauderdale restaurant is in any danger of being left behind by its trendy competition.

The Mai-Kai

Proof of this can be found in a newly released, free smartphone app that lets you make your dinner reservations with the tap of a few buttons, browse the menus, check for special events, post comments, upload photos, and lots more. You can also use the app to sign up for newsletters, participate in a loyalty program, buy gift cards, and click on links to Facebook and YouTube videos.

Just search for “Mai-Kai” in your phone’s app store to download. I grabbed the app for my iPhone via iTunes (see screenshot below) and gave it a test run at the 56th anniversary party by posting a comment and uploading a photo. And if you’ve had a few too many Barrels O’ Rum, the app has a simple and handy tip calculator.

The app was designed and implemented by Regal Resolve using Build Our App Now. According to Pia Dahlquist, The Mai-Kai’s director of sales and marketing, plans are still in the works for the drink app from Go11Media that was featured on this blog last April.

Modern Caribbean Rum
The Mai-Kai app in the iTunes store

The Mai-Kai
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