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Missed The Hukilau and The Mai-Kai? Limited edition Tiki mugs are the next best thing

Updated June 21, 2014

The 13th edition of The Hukilau, the East Coast’s largest annual event dedicated to mid-century and Polynesian Pop culture, rolled into Fort Lauderdale last week for five days of “the most authentic Tiki event in the world.” But if you didn’t make it down to the beachside festivities or the historic Mai-Kai restaurant, you still have a limited-time opportunity to pick up some exclusive merchandise.
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The Hukilau was held June 11-15, at the Bahia Mar Beach Resort and The Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale. Check the Facebook page for photos and recaps.
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The Hukilau 2014 Commemorative Mug by Eekum Bookum
The Hukilau 2014 Commemorative Mug by Eekum Bookum comes with a choice of two different glazes. (Photo by Nomeus)

For many, the one piece of merchandise most closely associated with Tiki culture is, of course, the Tiki mug. Every year, The Hukilau has produced one of the most distinctive (and valuable) mugs on the market, designed by noted artists and produced in limited editions by the top mug manufacturers. [Click here to see some of the past designs]

First released only to ticket-holders and registered guests, The Hukilau 2014 Commemorative Mug is available (while supplies last) to the general public. Designed and produced by Oregon’s Eekum Bookum, the mug comes with two different glazes (Lava and Sunset) and features “The Final Aloha” on the back. In production before it was announced that the event will continue next year, this mug is likely to become a collector’s piece. [Check out the value of past mugs]

Modern Caribbean Rum
A photo of the the 2014 Coco Mug still in production
A photo of the the 2014 Coco Mug still in production. The final version will include a smooth lip and more polished finish.

The Hukilau’s organizer, Christie “Tiki Kiliki” White, says the mug was inspired by a cannibal tiki featured in a map of Polynesia on the wall at the Bali Hai Restaurant in San Diego. The cannibal is used often in Polynesian Pop imagery, including The Mai-Kai’s distinctive “three cannibals” logo [see vintage coaster]. Eekum Bookum’s John Mulder “worked very hard on this amazing creation,” White said.

Also available to the public for the first time is the 2014 Coco Mug, a larger version of the popular mug that has been available in years past [see photo], but reimagined in orange as a tribute to Florida. Also created by Eekum Bookum, it features The Hukilau logo and “since 2002” on the back. This is a nod to the iconic Trader Vic’s coconut mug.

Click here to order The Hukilau’s official 2014 mugs now or e-mail Christie White for more info.

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