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Crazed Mugs CD release party Saturday at The Mai-Kai

There are a flurry of special events upcoming at The Mai-Kai, including three Halloween parties later this month. But before you don your ghoulish attire, chill out this Saturday in your finest island wear during a rare appearance of The Crazed Mugs from Tampa.

Celebrating the release of the new Find Forbidden Island album, the band will be preforming multiple acoustic sets in The Molokai bar. Happy hour runs from 5 to 7 p.m. with half-price drinks and appetizers, so get there early for a good seat.

Find Forbidden Island includes several songs inspired by The Mai-Kai: Rum Barrel and Mystery Girl. The 12-song CD will be available for purchase from the band for $12, and on Saturday only it will include a bonus sticker.

On the new album, The Crazed Mugs raise the ukulele to new heights, creating a powerful and beautiful sound of their own. It’s Hawaiian music, to be sure, but in a very modern style. The band’s bio says it best: “Layered and complex, like a fine cocktail, The Crazed Mugs’ music will transport you to another dimension where benevolent tikis rule over a land of pirates, rum barrels, sultry vixens and ancient temples.”

The band probably hasn’t played in these parts since the 2007 Hukilau, so don’t miss this opportunity for a unique night at The Mai-Kai. In addition to their new original tunes, the band will surely be playing Hawaiian and Hapa Haole classics plus older originals that range from the absurd to the sublime.

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