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The Hukilau presents the perfect way to serve up Tiki history in a glass

The Hukilau, the annual Polynesian Pop festival that invades Fort Lauderdale every June, is known for its authentic and eye-catching event merchandise, particularly the mugs and glassware. But when the event is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some cool retro-themed goodies.
See below: Bonus recipe and winning photo from The Hukilau’s glassware photo contest

Tiki History Glasses (pink/orange) from The Hukilau
Tiki History Glasses (pink/orange) from The Hukilau.

The latest in a series of double old-fashioned glasses featuring historic Tiki locations has just arrived and has begun shipping to those who pre-ordered. They’re available in sets of two ($22) or four ($42).
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This new limited-edition glassware features logos and artwork from these historic Tiki-themed hotels, bars and restaurants: The Hanalei Hotel in San Diego, Luau 400 in New York City, The Mainlander in St. Louis, Johnny’s Tiki Hut in Salt Lake City, and the Inter-Island Resorts in Hawaii. The Hukilau’s co-founder and producer, Christie “Tiki Kiliki” White, has once again done a great job along with Stacie Herndon of Heelgrinder Design in assembling some classic images for the latest in a series of vintage glasses. [See more photos on the Facebook page.]

When pre-orders were announced, a photo contest was held on Facebook with followers of The Hukilau invited to post their best image of a cocktail served in a previous glassware design from the event. The winner, Jim Masterson, will receive a set of the new glasses along with VIP passes to The Hukilau in June 2014. Check out his photo below, plus the recipe for his Gill-Man Grog cocktail.

Modern Caribbean Rum
Florida Tiki History Glasses (Miami Art Deco aqua blue) from The Hukilau
Florida Tiki History Glasses (Miami Art Deco aqua blue) from The Hukilau.

Tiki Kiliki has also re-released several other popular designs in new colors, honoring classic Tiki temples of the past and present. My favorite, the Florida Tiki History Glasses, are back by popular demand and now in Miami Art Deco aqua blue. These glasses feature logos and artwork from some of the Sunshine State’s most famous locations, including the still-thriving Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale, the Luau in Miami Beach, Hawaiian Village in Tampa, Frances Langford’s Outrigger in Jensen Beach, and many more.

Also available in limited quantities is the most popular of all the historic designs: the California Tiki History Glass, now in orange/brown. It’s adorned with images from The Tikis in Monterey Park, The Tiki-Jo in Santa Monica, the Kapu-Kai in Rancho Cucamonga, plus more.

The Florida and California glasses are priced the same as the new history glassware ($22 and $42). Also available on The Hukilau merchandise page are limited quantities of the 2013 event pendant ($15) that pays tribute to the famous carving by Barney West that sits in The Mai-Kai’s outdoor gardens. And you can also still pick up a 2013 event T-shirt in both ladies (ivory, pink, yellow) and men’s (tan, light blue) styles for $15.

The Hukilau will return to Fort Lauderdale and The Mai-Kai on June 11-15, 2014. Go to The and sign up for the e-mail list to get updates. Also join the Facebook page and group.


Gill-Man Grog by James Masterson
Gill-Man Grog by James Masterson.

(By James Masterson)

* 0.25 U.S. gills (1 ounce) dark Jamaican rum (try Coruba)
* 0.25 U.S. gills (1 ounce) Demerara rum (try El Dorado 5)
* 0.25 U.S. gills (1 ounce) light rum (try El Dorado 3)
* 0.1875 U.S. gills (0.75 ounce) lime juice
* 0.125 U.S. gills (0.5 ounce) white grapefruit juice
* 0.125 U.S. gills (0.5 ounce) maple syrup
* 0.125 U.S. gills (0.5 ounce) falernum
* 2 hard dashes pimento dram
* 0.25 U.S. gills (1 ounce) club soda

Shake first eight ingredients with ice. Strain into your favorite double old-fashioned glass (The Hukilau glassware preferred), top with soda and one perfectly formed ice cone and straw. Enjoy!

This is a hybrid of several vintage Grog recipes. The drink’s classic format is retained from the original Donn Beach Navy Grog, while the maple syrup and falernum (replacing honey mix) is borrowed from the Captain’s Grog (from Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log and Remixed). The addition of pimento dram, inspired by The Mai-Kai’s Yeoman’s Grog, elevates the drink’s spiciness.

Notes and tips for home mixologists

Beachbum Berry's Navy Grog Ice Cone Kit
Beachbum Berry’s Navy Grog Ice Cone Kit.

James recommends using Beachbum Berry’s Navy Grog Ice Cone Kit to make a perfect ice feature. And, he notes, if you want to make a true Gill-Man Grog, all fluid measurements should be made in gills (1 U.S. gill equals roughly 1/4 pint). Though he conveniently shared the measurements in ounces as well.

He also urges you to play around with the rums, subbing your favorites. He notes that he’s currently enjoying the trio of Smith & Cross traditional Jamaican Navy rum , El Dorado 12 Demerara rum, and the newly available Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark (a 5-year-old gold rum from the U.S. Virgin Islands). “This rum combo and the spiciness of the pimento dram brings the drink more into line with the flavors presented in the Luau Restaurant’s Luau Grog (as published in Sippin’ Safari),” James says.

We concur and recommend you add this drink to your arsenal of Grog-themed cocktails.

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  1. Nice glassware, and swell cocktail, but who’s this stuffy old ‘James’ guy? I was only ever a ‘James’ when I was in trouble for something growing up. . . 🙂

    Can’t wait to add the new glassware to the collection.

    Mahalo Hurricane! Mahalo Christie!

  2. I don’t think i’ll be able to lay my hands on that gorgeous glasswear but i’m gonna try the drink! maybe i put it up on my blog..

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