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Updated Nov. 29, 2022

The coronavirus pandemic is not yet in our rear-view mirror, but we’re happy to report that most establishments on this list have been back in operation for quite some time now. While “new normal” continues to be a way of life for everyone in the bar business, we’re happy to see many favorites again operating with an eye on a successful future.

Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores

We’ll continue to update this list periodically, concentrating on some key bars and restaurants that are still in transition periods. For the rest, we’ll leave most of the past news and updates documented below as a sobering reminder of what could happen again if we’re not diligent.

There’s never any guarantee of a fruitful future, so we encourage everyone to continue to patronize the online stores linked below and show your support in any way possible. This resource was created to throw a lifeline to struggling businesses in a trying time. Some would argue that’s the new normal.

Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores

Original story:

Check the following list for links to many of the Tiki bars and restaurants across the country with merchandise and gift cards for sale online. Below that are links to crowd-sourced fundraisers for employees along with other organizations working to aid bar and restaurant workers. It’s sad, but we’ve also compiled a list of bars that have announced permanent closings.

We also urge you to also support the artists and merchants who are key parts of the industry, designing and producing many of the products listed below. You can find links to our favorites in the right rail of this blog post. You can also support them at events that have recently returned around the world.


The following establishments are offering online ordering. If you find any broken links, please let us know and we’ll update. Also, please send us any additions to this list via email or as a message on our social media pages (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram).

Invisible Man mug by Doug Horne for Aku Aku, Orlando

Aku Aku, Orlando This small and inviting mid-mod Tiki oasis near downtown has an online shop featuring gift cards, T-shirts, stickers and mugs. Artist Doug Horne signed his newest mug release, Invisible Man, on Jan. 22, 2022. It quickly sold out, but more were released in early March. Follow the Aku Aku pages onInstagram and Facebook for updates.

Archipelago, Washington, D.C. The online merch shop for this island-themed neo-Tiki hotspot features a small but well designed assortment of glassware, including snifters and Mai Tai glasses along with a signature mug from Tiki Farm. Gift cards are also available. After operating outdoor patio seating for months, the bar closed in late December 2020 for a winter siesta. Takeout service resumed in February 2021, followed by patio seating. In mid-June 2021, Archipelago resumed indoor seating after 452 days.

The new Sneaky Tiki mug, designed for Sarasota's Bahi Hut by RoboTiki.
The new Sneaky Tiki mug, designed for Sarasota’s Bahi Hut by RoboTiki.

Bahi Hut, Sarasota – This historic (est. 1954) but underappreciated Tiki landmark has shirts, pins and mugs available in its online shop. Recognized as the oldest Tiki bar in Florida, Bahi Hut is also site of the annual Tiki Fever event, with version 2.5 held Sept. 30 through Oct. 3, 2021. The bar reopened in October 2020 with both indoor and outdoor seating. In January 2021, a collector’s edition Tiki Fever mug featuring both Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid and The Disasternauts was released. The mug was designed by RoboTiki crafted by Eekum Bookum.

Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29, New Orleans The bar and restaurant owned and operated by author and Tiki revival pioneer Jeff “Beachbum” Berry and his wife Annene Kaye is well represented in the store, including syrups and barware. While you’re there, pick up the Bum’s books so you can make the hundreds of tropical classics at home. Latitude 29 reopened in September 2021 after closing in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Before the storm, Latitude 29 had been open consistently since October 2020 in the wake of the pandemic. An exciting new mug release commemorated Spookilau 2021, when Oakwash produced 150 limited-edition Cursed Coconut mugs. Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’ Santa also returned again for another winter holiday season. The bar closed after ringing in 2022 but returned on Jan. 6. Before you visit, reserve a seat via

Chopper, Nashville, Tenn. – This new robot-themed Tiki bar has an extensive assortment of mugs in its online shop, including the signature Robo mug in several colors. Gift cards are also available online, along with the bar’s to-go service. Chopper reopened its indoor seating while retaining the take-out menu.

Clifton’s Pacific Seas, Los Angeles – Closed since the early days of the pandemic, the Tiki bar inside the legendary Clifton’s complex was pouring drinks again in February 2022. While it was closed, the bar’s parent company opened a vast online shop, Exposition Marketplace of The Neverlands. It featured many exclusive items, including artifacts to “create your own Tiki paradise” (nautical anchors and bells, mixology tools and books, rope buoys, and much more).

Esotico Miami released a series of special mugs for Halloween 2021
Esotico Miami released a series of special mugs for Halloween 2021.

Esotico Miami This tropical hideaway in the Magic City, led by noted Tiki mixologist Daniele Dalla Pola, offers mugs and shirts in its online store. The restaurant reopened indoor dining under social distancing restrictions in August 2020 after offering outdoor dining as well as takeout, curbside pick-up and delivery throughout the pandemic.

False Idol, San Diego Consortium Holdings, one of the partners (along with Tiki bar guru Martin Cate) in this over-the-top throwback to classic Tiki hidden inside the Craft & Commerce bar, offers mugs and gift cards for sale online. After closing durng the height of the pandemic, False Idol reopened at limited capacity, serving cocktails and food via reservations only. The bar got back up to speed during the annual Tiki Oasis in August 2021 with a full slate of events. These included a fifth anniversary mug release as well as the release of a a new limited-edition glaze of Bosko’s Maori mug.

Forbidden Island's 15th anniversary mug, designed by Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker and produced by Munktiki, is available in two glazes: "black dress" (pictured) and "red dress."
Forbidden Island’s 15th anniversary mug, designed by Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker and produced by Munktiki, is available in two glazes: “black dress” (pictured) and “red dress.”

Forbidden Island, Alameda, Calif. You can buy apparel, mugs, and gift cards directly from one of the Tiki revival’s first shining beacons. After being closed for more than four months, Forbidden Island opened a socially-distant Tiki garden and patio for limited hours in late July 2020. New restrictions in December limited Forbidden Island to take-out service, but outdoor seating was fully open again in February. Indoor dining returned in March 2021, when Forbidden Island announced the arrival of their long-awaited Turquoise Kapu mug, the eighth glaze in 15 years. Also from Tiki Farm, a limited-edition version (in brown and green) of the Tamuaki mug designed by carver and artist Benzart Davis, embossed with the FI logo. A new 15th anniversary limited edition mug designed by Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker and produced by Munktiki made its debut at a special event in May 2021 before becoming available online in the official website merch store.

Foundation Tiki Bar, Milwaukee Grab a Rum Barrel mug, a Mai Tai glass and other items from this long-running Tiki revival hotspot. Foundation reopened with both outdoor and indoor seating. Locals have also been able to order to-go cocktail kits, which can sometimes include special signature glasses.

The 13th anniversary Lady Luck mug designed by Bosko Hrnjak for Frankie's Tiki Room.
The 13th anniversary Lady Luck mug designed by Bosko Hrnjak for Frankie’s Tiki Room.

Frankie’s Tiki Room, Las Vegas A wide variety of mugs, glassware and apparel fill the online store of this beloved Tiki bastion in Sin City. New mugs are released often, so check back. You can also pick up gift certificates and a copy of the 2013 book, Liquid Vacation, which features recipes for 77 of the bar’s famous cocktails. Frankie’s has returned to being the world’s only 24-hour Tiki bar, open seven days a week. On Dec. 4, 2021, Frankie’s celebrated its 13th anniversary with the release of the limited-edition Lady Luck anniversary mug designed by Bosko Hrnjak, who was on hand to sign mugs.

Fuchsia Tiki Bar, New Paltz, N.Y. – This small tropical escape hidden away in Ulster County, around 70 miles north of the Big Apple, survived the pandemic by offering merchandise, gift cards and cocktails to go. Fuchsia reopened in June 2020 with indoor dining and limited seating capacity. After closing in December for a short hiatus, the bar reopened at the end of January 2020 with a new menu and Squid’s Rum Barrel mug by Bauer Pottery.

The Grass Skirt, San Diego This fun Tiki hangout hidden inside Good Time Poke in the scenic Pacific Beach neighborhood has a plethora of merch: Mugs, bowls and glassware; plus a variety of shirts and pins. The Grass Skirt reopened in late May 2020 and hosted the annual Christmas-themed pop-up, Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’ Santa, through the end of 2021.

Hala Kahiki, Chicago The historic Tiki bar and lounge, established in 1966 in the suburb of River Grove, quickly pivoted to offer an extensive online menu available for pick-up. The family owned and operated establishment then reopened to guests with socially distant indoor seating plus a covered “tropical patio.” The regular Lowbrow Aloha art shows give Hala Kahiki guests a chance to pick up cool merch.

Hale Pele, Portland, Ore. – The Pacific Northwest’s long-running Tiki paradise has an array of merch in its online store, from mugs to glassware to shirts to pins to gift cards. While you’re there, sign up for the email blast to get news and updates. After initially offering cocktail mixes for pickup, Hale Pele was finally permitted to sell take-out cocktails (with food) in January 2021. Hale Pele re-opened with indoor dining in late May of that year. A 10th anniversay celebration in August 2022 featured a distinctive new volcano mug designed by VanTiki.

Hidden Harbor, Pittsburgh This popular Tiki revival craft cocktail bar celebrated its sixth anniversary in February 2022 with two weekends of fun (and mug releases). Check out the online shop for custom merch, including pendants and glassware. On Feb. 5, the bar’s first-ever Cobra’s Fang mug, designed and produced by Bosko, was released during a special return of the Cobra’s Fang pop-up. On Feb. 12, the official anniversary party featured the release of 100 new Suffering Banana mugs by VanTiki. The remaining 50 mugs were sold Feb. 14 in the Hidden Harbor online shop. Throughout the pandemic, Hidden Harbor featured indoor and/or outdoor seating, whichever the current situation allowed. By fall 2022, Hidden Harbor was operating on all cylinders with the sold-out Haunted Harbor event in association with Hi-Tide Recordings (see below). A special Halloween cocktail menu was released, setting the stage for the Oct. 28 pre-party at Hidden Harbor featuring DJs and the release of two new limited-edition glazes of the classic skull mug by John Mulder of Eekum Bookum.

Hula Hula, Seattle The longtime kitschy karaoke and Tiki bar offers a wide selection of apparel, including multiple styles of shirts and hats. Hula Hula has been open since June 2020 for food, cocktails and karaoke under the state of Washington’s guidelines.

The Inferno Room, Indianapolis Check out the online store for mugs, pins, and menus along with gift cards. The Inferno Room has been open since June 2020. On Sept. 10, 2022, The Inferno Room hosted Makahiki: A Night of Tiki featuring Tiki and rum VIPs, live music and much more.

Kon Tiki, Tucson, Ariz., The venerable restaurant, established in 1963, offers mugs and apparel in its online store. The new Forbidden Ruins mug, designed by Trader Brandon and produced by Munktiki, is also available in Brandon’s online store. The restaurant’s dining room has been open since May 2020, along with take-out options.

Kowloon, Saugus, Mass. – This historic Asian restaurant with Tiki flair (est. 1950) has a full-blown online gift shop filled with mugs and bowls, shirts, hats and plushes. You can also buy gift certificates. Kowloon reopened with outdoor seating in June 2020, then added drive-in movies and car-hop service for guests to enjoy from their cars along with an outdoor Tiki bar and live music. In January 2021, it was announced that Kowloon would eventually be closed to make way for redevelopment of the property. However, in March 2022, news broke that Kowloon will remain in a scaled down form – shrinking from 1,200 to 350 seats. This will allow the addition of two new residential buildings on the site, each with a restaurant space on the first floor. Unfortunately, this includes the razing of the iconic original building. But the owners stressed that the plan is contingent upon making sure that the restaurant remains open during the transition. Start of construction could still be a “couple years away.”
* Selectmen support height variance for proposed Kowloon development (
* Kowloon: The Soul of Saugus (Eater)

Laki Kane, London The acclaimed craft Tiki bar from mixologist and author Georgi Radev took its online store offline, but you can still help out by purchasing vouchers to spend on cocktails, food, experiences (including rum tastings and cocktails classes), plus merchandise sold in-house at Laki Kane. You can also support Radev by picking up a copy of his book, Let’s Get Tropical, at various booksellers, including Amazon. Laki Kane reopened in July 2020 by reservation only under strict new guidelines, but was forced to close again in December. It was allowed to reopen again for outdoor drinks, dining and takeaways in April 2021. Indoor seating eventual returned.

The signature Zombie glass from Lono in Hollywood
The signature Zombie glass from Lono in Hollywood.

Last Rites, San Francisco – Dubbed “Polynesian noir,” this unique and modern take on Tiki with a backstory revolving around a plane crash has had to battle its own takedown by coronavirus. After being down for more than a year, the bar reopened in June 2021 under San Francisco’s strict vaccination and mask guidelines. You can buy gift cards at

Lono, Los Angeles This Hollywood Boulevard haunt has an online store offering several versions of its signature mug along with glassware, pins and hats. While Lono remains closed, a selection of cocktails are available for pickup and delivery via owners Umbrella Hospitality Group. The bar remains closed as of July 2022.

Lost River, Detroit The Web store of this rum-focused tropical neighborhood bar on Detroit’s Eastside features gift cards, plus an assortment of merchandise (mugs and glassware, plus shirts and pins). There’s also an option to “tip your bartender.” While indoor service was closed, Lost River featured ambitious to-go cocktail program. In January 2021, a new limited edition lavender glaze of the bar’s house mug was released online. Lost River fully reopened in May 2021.

Latest news on The Mai-Kai renovations and reopening
UPDATES: Interior renovations shed light on The Mai-Kai’s historic lamp designs
The Mai-Kai’s distinctive lighting fixtures are getting a detailed overhaul as part of the historic Fort Lauderdale restaurant’s multimillion-dollar renovation.
NEW: The Mai-Kai announces potential reopening in spring 2023

The Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale Plans for The Mai-Kai’s much-awaited reopening were announced in April during an online meeting held by the city of Oakland Park. As detailed by new owner Bill Fuller and a team of designers, plans call for several major enhancements, including a more immersive arrival experience and a new banquet hall. The target date is spring of 2023. Fuller revealed more details in a special presentation during The Hukilau on June 11. The annual Tiki weekender returned to the Beachcomber Resort & Club in Pompano Beach for four days of tropical paradise. The Mai-Kai served some of its signature cocktails for the event’s villagers on Thursday and Friday. Passholders also were able to purchase quarts and gallons to go. Meanwhile, cocktails to-go returned to The Mai-Kai on holiday weekends, including July Fourth. Follow The Mai-Kai on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. After closing in the early months of the pandemic, The Mai-Kai’s bar and dining rooms reopened to the public under social distancing rules in late May 2020, remaining open until a massive storm hit just before Halloween, leading to damage that closed the restaurant. But that didn’t stop The Mai-Kai from holding its annual Hulaween bash as a drive-in movie party in the parking lot. The restaurant’s 64th anniversary party was also held on the sprawling property in December 2020. After announcing in early 2021 that they’re looking for potential partners and buyers to help with the repairs, The Mai-Kai family continued to offer their popular tropical drinks to go, sell merchandise online and host ongoing events in the restaurant parking lot. A second Tiki Markertplace was held in July 2020 after the success of the initial event in April. In September 2021, The Hukilau returned to Fort Lauderdale and The Mai-Kai for its 19th Tiki weekender, including a cocktail party in The Mai-Kai parking lot. This included the announcement that a deal was in the works to reopen the restaurant. The founding Thornton family released details on Sept. 28, outlining the joint venture with the Barlington Group, a South Florida-based real estate investment and development company focused on growing unique and eclectic legacy businesses that give their communities character; and Mad Room Hospitality, the proprietors of iconic Miami establishments such as Ball and Chain, Los Altos and Taquerias El Mexicano. “Our search came to an end when we met their team and recognized the passion they share for honoring and preserving the legacy of The Mai-Kai,” the announcement said.

The Mai-Kai holiday cocktails to go
UPDATED: The Mai-Kai spices up the holidays with special Christmas Barrel
The Barrel Before Christmas joins the lineup of quarts and gallons to go, available on three upcoming weekends.
>>> Info on all the dates and how to order on The Mai-Kai Cocktail Guide

Max’s South Seas Hideaway, Grand Rapids, Mich. Featuring an in-house ceramic studio along with one of the most ambitious build-outs since Tiki’s mid-century heyday, this acclaimed new restaurant originally sold exclusively to its on-site guests. Now, however, they continually stock a vast online store with limited-edition mugs, bowls, clothing, and other collectible merchandise. Gift cards are also available. The restaurant reopened in June 2020, then ramped up the to-go offerings to include canned cocktails.

A selection of mugs at Max's South Seas Hideaway.
A selection of mugs at Max’s South Seas Hideaway.

In November 2020, Michigan’s governor again closed restaurants to indoor dining in an effort to slow spiking coronavirus cases, effectively shuttering Max’s through January but allowing takeout and delivery. Max’s reopened in February 2021 with limits on capacity and group size, expanding to full indoor dining in April 2021. In honor of Max’s second anniversary party on Oct. 23, 2021, two new mugs were released along with a new glaze edition of the Derek Yaniger-designed Creature Feature mug.

The Mermaid, Los AngelesThe tropical cocktail bar in Little Tokyo has gift cards on its website, along with links to order food and cocktails to go. The Mermaid has been open since June 2020 with on-site service and an outdoor patio.

Mutiny, Detroit This cozy tropical craft cocktail bar in southwest Detroit, est. late 2017, raised money for its staff with online sales of several new limited-edition mugs produced by Tiki Farm, plus T-shirts and gift cards. Mutiny later returned to dine-in service in addition to continuing its carry-out cocktails.

Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores

Navy Strength, Seattle Order gift cards from this tropical-themed bar and restaurant with an eco-friendly attitude. In February 2021, Navy Strength opened for patio and indoor seating, plus takeout and delivery. Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’ Santa popped up again for the 2021 holidays with signature drinks, decor and merchandise.

Pandemic Punch - Otto's Shrunken Head

Otto’s Shrunken Head, New York City You can buy signature mugs and shirts in the online store for this divey East Village den of Tiki. In March 2020, Otto’s launched a Bandcamp page with a 20-song benefit compilation album that you can download. The Pandemic Punch comp spans a wide variety of genres (punk, rockabilly, garage, psychedelic and more). Otto’s began offering cocktails and merchandise to-go on the sidewalk in front of the bar in June 2020, then added outdoor seating in July. In February 2021, Otto’s joined other NYC venues in resuming indoor service. The laws were later loosened and Otto’s brought back its signature musical events.
* Otto’s Shrunken Head celebrates 20 years on 14th Street

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge, Minneapolis The long-running kitschy bar and restaurant offers an online “Bou Tiki” featuring custom mugs and gift cards. The restaurant reopened with limited patio seating in June 2020, but was forced to close for the winter due to state restrictions on indoor dining. A grand reopening was held April 16, 2021.

Saturn Room, Tulsa, Okla. This relaxing Tiki lounge in the downtown arts district of Tulsa sells a wide variety of merch via its official website: Mugs, shirts, hats, hoodies, etc.

The Shameful Tiki Room, Vancouver and Toronto Check out the online shop for Canada’s preeminent Tiki bars for a wide selection of merch, from mugs to apparel. In late 2021, The Shameful Tiki Syrup Co. was launched as a stand-alone company featuring many of the bar’s signature syrups, including falernum orgeat.

Shore Leave, Boston The South End nautical bar features staple items such as pins, hats, and mugs in its online store along with one unique bar accessory: a kitchen apron for stylish home bartenders. Shore Leave also offers gift cards online. Shore Leave reopened May 1, 2021, with outdoor patio seating along with a new food menu. The bar later brought back indoor seating along with Beachbum Berry’s annual Sippin’ Santa pop-up during the holiday season.

Smuggler’s Cove, San Francisco The award-winning nautical rum and Tiki bar from Tiki cocktail maestro Martin Cate has an online store that has featured mugs and other merch, plus signed copies of Smuggler’s Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum and the Cult of Tiki, the acclaimed book by Martin and wife Rebecca. After more than a year, Smuggler’s Cove reopened at full capacity in June 2021. While “recovering from lockdown and some slow business” in August, Smuggler’s Cove announced a series of auctions on eBay featuring mugs and collectibles from Cate’s personal collection. Smuggler’s Cove celebrated its 12th anniversary on Dec. 8, 2021, with a new rum release.

Strong Water's Mug of Medusa, designed by Robert Adamson and Alex Woody.
Strong Water’s Mug of Medusa, designed by Robert Adamson and Alex Woody.

Strong Water, Anaheim This tropical bar featuring well-crafted Tiki cocktails and Asian fusion food navigated the pandemic with takeout and curbside pickup, plus walk-up outdoor service and an assortment of merchandise. Strong Water offered curbside food and cocktails to go throughout the pandemic, along with indoor dining. In January 2022, Strong Water announced the release of the Mug of Medusa – designed by Robert Adamson and Alex Woody, produced by Tiki Farm. It’s available in the online store along with the Zombie King mug by Doug Horne and Tiki Farm (released in December 2021), glassware, apparel, and more.

Three Dots and a Dash, Chicago The award-winning tropical craft cocktail bar does everything big, and the online store is no exception. There are multiple pages of merchandise listed, from iconic signature mugs (Fijian Mermaid, Sea Urchin, Seahorse Bowl, Skull Wall), to apparel (aloha shirts, hoodies, T-shirts, hats, socks), and other cool items (swizzle sticks, shot glasses, pins, snowglobes, et al.).

The Tiki-Ti 60th anniversary aloha shirt, designed by Shag
The Tiki-Ti 60th anniversary aloha shirt, designed by Shag.

Tiki-Ti, Los Angeles – The legendary Hollywood haunt that’s still run by the family of pioneering Tiki bartender Ray Buhen has a robust online store featuring signature mugs, Mai Tai glasses, T-shirts, hats, pins, and bamboo straws. The small bar, in business since 1961, finally reopened in July 2021 after more than a year dark. In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Tiki-Ti, Shag created a new limited-edition mug and aloha shirt that were released at a special event on Sept. 26, 2021. Two new mugs honoring Ray Buhen and the Tiki-Ti (designed by Thor) were released on May 29, 2022.

Tiki TNT, Washington, D.C. The sprawling bar and eatery attached to the Potomac Distilling Company (producers of Thrasher’s Rum) has gift cards available online. You can also help the cause by picking up some rum in the D.C. area. The Thrasher’s Rum site also has gift cards and merchandise. Tiki TNT reopened in June 2020.
* Press coverage: Todd Thrasher on what’s next for the industry as it reopens

Tiki Underground's fourth anniversary mug, designed and produced by John Mulder for Eekum Bookum
Tiki Underground’s fourth anniversary mug, designed and produced by John Mulder for Eekum Bookum.

Tiki Underground, Akron, Ohio This Tiki revival oasis in northern Ohio stayed active online during the pandemic, opening in May 2020 with limited patio seating plus curbside pick-up and delivery. Indoor seating returned, and events were added over the ensuing months. In January 2021, Tiki Underground was forced to close again due to updated COVID guidelines, but the bar reopened just in time for its fourth anniversary party on March 20. New merchandise included Zombie glasses designed by Kymm Bang, and mugs by Eekum Bookum. Nov. 24, 2021, was Tiki Underground’s last call in its current location. The bar is closed in anticipation of a move to a new space in Cuyahoga Falls in 2022. A new fourth anniversary mug by Eekum Bookum was sold on the last three days of operation at the original location, followed by a special moving sale on Dec. 4. A fifth anniversary party was held April 8, 2022, at the nearby HiHO Brewing Co. while the new location continues to be prepped for opening. In March 2022, Tiki Underground announced a new partnership with Tiki Farm to customize three mugs with the “TU” logo and new location. They were available at the anniversary party and the May 14 “TU Tiki Flea X” event. You can also grab them in the online store. Follow Tiki Underground on Instagram and Facebook for updates on the new location, which opened Sept. 14, 2022.

Tonga Hut, Palm Springs and Los Angeles – The oldest Tiki bar in Los Angeles held its grand reopening on May 14, 2021. Dozens of dedicated fans and regulars chipped in to help build a 2,000-square-foot outdoor space in Hollywood that expanded capacity and offers a safer environment. The Palm Springs outpost successfully navigated the worst of the pandemic. Both had reopened by early 2022. The annual Monsters & Mai Tais parking lot sale and art show will be held in the Los Angeles location on Oct. 23, 2022.

Trader Mort’s, San Diego It’s not a bar, but this historic “neighborhood market and beverage depot” on Shelter Island has been a Tiki staple since 1964, offering a wide selection of rum. You can buy select merchandise online, such as the signature mug based on “Mr. Tiki,” the carving by legendary artist Eli Hedley that has stood outside the store since the early 1960s. There are other mugs, plus apparel and even a few delicious Demerara rums: Lemon Hart 151 and Lemon Hart Original 1804.

The Modernist mug and book by Sven Kirsten (with Eve Bergeron)
“The Modernist” mug and book by Sven Kirsten (with Eve Bergeron).

Trader Vic’s The venerable chain of South Seas-themed restaurants that started in the 1930s with Victor “Trader Vic” Bergeron, creator of the Mai Tai, has many franchise locations worldwide in addition to its flagship in Emeryville, Calif. The corporate online store has always been extremely robust, with dozens of items including mugs, apparel, “gifts & swag,” barware, mixes & dressings, and “Trader’s Treasures.” Sign up for the newsletter and get info on special sales up to 30 percent off. While the Emeryville location reopened early in the pandemic, the vintage downtown Atlanta restaurant finally returned in November 2020. In May 2021, a new Trader Vic’s opened in the airport terminal in San Jose, Calif. In October 2021, the Emeryville location launched a new cocktail menu and aloha shirts designed by Shag. All proceeds from the sale of the signed menus benefitted the Easter Island Foundation. On Dec. 2, 2021, author and historian Sven Kirsten appeared at Trader Vic’s in Emeryville for the launch of “The Modernist” mug and book. This collaboration includes a 48-page hardbound book written by Kirsten in collaboration with Eve Bergeron, granddaughter of the founder. The book explores the design that is the missing link between the 1920s European avant-garde movement and mid-century modernism. The remaining mugs and 48-page hardbound book (signed by Kirsten) were released in the online store but quickly sold out. It was subsequently released on the Tiki Farm website, where the first run also sold out. The Modernist was back in stock in mid-February with a limited edition of 450 sets, which also sold out. Trader Vic’s in Emeryville will hold a Holiday Bazaar, Brunch & Tiki Diablo Mug Release on Nov. 6, 2022.

Support Tiki bars now by visiting their online stores

Trailer Happiness, London When the pandemic hit, the longtime rum and Tiki haven in the UK launched a new online store featuring shirts, hats and bar tab vouchers. After serving cocktails to go, the bar finally got the green light to reopen for in-person service in April 2021. In May 2021, Trailer Happiness reopened for inside service, then prepared for a loosening of COVID restrictions in July. Tragically, before that could happen, a massive storm unleashed catastropic flooding in the underground lair. There was extensive structural/electrical damage that took months to repair. In a tribute to the bar’s popularity, online fundraising surpassed the £50,000 goal. In December 2021, Trailer Happiness marked its return with a newly refurbished bar.

VenTiki's Sepik River Sorcerer mug, designed by Big Toe and inspired by a Papua New Guinea mask, was manufactured by Munktiki
VenTiki’s Sepik River Sorcerer mug, designed by Big Toe and inspired by a Papua New Guinea mask, was manufactured by Munktiki.

UnderTow, Phoenix You can grab a selection of apparel and more goodies in the online store for this vibrant modern craft cocktail and Tiki bar. UnderTow reopened in its original location in September 2020, then partnered with the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, home of the annual Arizona Tiki Oasis, on a pop-up bar in the resort’s reception hall from January through March 2021. UnderTow then opened a totally redesigned, larger space featuring decor and design by Tiki Diablo. On Oct. 11, 2022, the Barter & Shake hospitality group will open a highly anticipated second location of UnderTow at the Epicenter at Agritopia in Gilbert, Ariz. The new location offers the same immersive experience complete with special effects, transportive décor and exotic cocktails.

VenTiki, Ventura, Calif. VenTiki has been open throughout the pandemic for outdoor dining and a special to-go menu. Several signature mugs can be found at the Shopify site along with glassware, shirts and hats. In the fall of 2021, the new Sepik River Sorcerer mug by Big Toe was released in several different glazes. Look for it at the popular lounge as well as the online store.

The Tiki Times 2022 events calendar
UPDATES: The Tiki Times: Exclusive 2022 events guide
Check the calendar for all of the major happenings around the world, from Tiki weekenders to rum festivals to marketplaces and music fests.

The Tiki Times 2023 events calendar
NEW: Preview the 2023 calendar of events


Following are some of the remaining relief funds and resources that were set up to support those in the industry whose livelihoods were interrupted by the coronavirus crisis.

GoFundMe (and similar) pages
* Canoe Ventures (includes Navy Strength, Seattle)
* Esotico Miami
* Kahuna Tiki, Los Angeles
* Last Rites, San Francisco
* Miami Restaurant Employee Relief Fund
* Mother Of Pearl, New York City (proceeds used to provide free meals to children)
* Otto’s Shrunken Head, New York City
* Pagan Idol, San Francisco
* Pearl Diver, Nashville
* Rumba, Seattle
* Stardust Lounge & Aku Aku Tiki Bar, Orlando
* Tiki Ko, Bakersfield, Calif.
* Tiki Tango Hideaway Oasis, Atlanta
* Tonga Hut, Los Angeles
* Ventiki, Ventura, Calif.
* Victory Brands (includes The S.O.S Tiki Bar, Atlanta)
* Zombie Village, San Francisco

Permanent closings
Sadly, the list of bars that have shut down for good due to financial hardship is growing. Some many return in the future in another location, but it’s unfortunate that anyone has to close up shop. Below is just a sampling of some of those that have officially announced permanent closings:
* BlackTalil, New York City
* Cane Rhum Bar, Charleston, S.C.
* Donna, Brooklyn
* Glady’s, Brooklyn
* Hidden Idol, Denver
* Lost Lake, Chicago
* Lun Wah Restaurant & Tiki Bar, Roselle, N.J.
* Mother Of Pearl, New York City
* Pegu Club, New York City
* Shore Leave, Toronto
* TikiCat, Kansas City
* Tiki Tolteca, New Orleans

State and national resources
* Aid and Resources for Bartenders During the COVID-19 Bar Closures (
* Another Round Another Rally
* Hospitality Helping Hands (South Florida)
* Hospitality Industry Associates Fund
* Hospitality Relief Resources for North America
* Independent Restaurant Coalition
* The James Beard Foundation’s Open for Good campaign.
* One Fair Wage – Emergency Coronavirus Workers Support Fund
* Restaurant Employee Relief Fund
* Restaurant Workers’ Community Fund
* Save America’s Restaurants (petition)
* Save Local Restaurants
* Save the Night
* USBG National Charity Foundation
* World’s Biggest Tip Jar (GoFundMe)
Tales of the Cocktail: More resources

Industry and media coverage
* Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Destroyed American Bar Culture? (The Daily Beast)
* Pandemic Relief Fund for Restaurants Is Open, but Cash Will Go Fast (New York Times)
* Everything Restaurants Need to Know About the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (Eater)
* Restaurant Revitalization Fund Offers Much-Needed Assistance To Struggling Industry (Forbes)
* So Long to All That Bar Business (Punch)
* What Is the RESTAURANTS Act — and Can It Really Save the Hospitality Industry? (Grub Street)
* Bars Must Change for Good After Coronavirus (Food & Wine)



Daiquiris of Hope: Keeping the spirit of our favorite bars and bartenders alive
Daiquiris of Hope: Keeping the spirit of our favorite bars and bartenders alive
A salute to our favorite industry professionals in their time of need:
Daiquiri of Hope #2: Beachbum’s Special Daiquiri (Dedicated to Jeff “Beachbum” Berry)
Daiquiri of Hope #1: Martiki’s Merchant Daiquiri (Dedicated to Martin Cate)
Contributed: The Underground Cardamom Daiquiri (Dedicated to Tiki Underground)

Atomic Grog Cocktail Recipes, A through Z
Atomic Grog Cocktail Recipes, A through Z

A comprehensive list of every recipe we’ve posted on the site.

Okole Maluna Society: The Mai-Kai Cocktail Guide
Okole Maluna Society: The Mai-Kai Cocktail Guide

Hurricane Hayward reviews and rates the historic restaurant’s current and past tropical drinks, plus reveals a treasure trove of ancestor and exclusive tribute recipes.

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  1. This is great Jim. I’ll try to spread the word on my site this weekend. You probably are already planning, this but cross-posting on TC would be great. Hamo started a bar-specific thread this week that I just ran across.

    1. Tiki Ti—. You guys need to offer more merchandise: a couple of new mugs, t-shirts, posters, etc… even bumper stickers that look like your bar-back pads, etc.

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